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With over 90 years of combined experience, the Law Offices of Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert is committed and determined to fight for our injured clients against the greedy and powerful entities that harm them. Known for our professionalism and aggressive pursuit of justice, NK&P strives to serve the interests of injured people while taking on those accused of causing our clients’ pain. Look to us for validity of your claim, utilizing truth and precision. NK&P is one of Florida’s premier personal injury law firms. NK&P has had positive results against many of the area’s insurance companies, medical manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, automobile manufacturers, discriminating employers, as well as a wide array of other negligent defendants. Your legal rights are our priority, as we pledge to represent you with unmatched expertise and integrity. In our pursuit of justice, we encourage our current and future clients to contact us in order to discuss legal issues. Even for inquiries about whether or not your case is valid, we are here to listen and advise, free of charge. Please call us with any of your legal questions so that we can discuss your case in everyday language and put your mind at ease. Your free consultation is only minutes away. NK&P opens its doors and offers you a no-charge-upfront promise. Unless we win your case and, therefore, recover money on your behalf, there are no charges accrued to our clients. In this way, the groundwork has been laid for a swift and easy recovery, with no cost to you. With NK&P, some Florida’s finest personal injury attorneys, there is truly no way you can go wrong. So, if you’ve been injured—in a car accident, at work, at a hospital or otherwise—don’t agonize over whether or not you might have a case. Find out for sure, by consulting with a leading Miami personal injury lawyer at NK&P. Call us toll free at 1-800-379-TEAM (8326) or visit us at www.neufeldlawfirm.com
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