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Environmental, natural resource and energy law


  • treaties and resource indicators (compiled by the Consortium for International Earth Science Information Net)
  • Alaska Admin. Code, title 11 (Natural Resources)
  • Alaska Admin. Code, title 18 (Environmental Conservation)
  • Alaska Pipeline Act (42 Alaska Stat. ch. 6)
  • Alaska Statutes, title 27 (Mining)
  • Alaska Statutes, title 31 (Oil and Gas)
  • Alaska Statutes, title 42, chapter 45 (Rural and Statewide Energy Programs)
  • Alaska Statutes, title 46 (Water, Air, Energy, and Environmental Conservation)
  • Babbit v. Sweet Home Chapter of Communities for a Great Oregon (U.S., 1995) (habitat modification)
  • Belarus Law on Lease (December 12, 1990)
  • Belarus Law on Natural Resources Use Tax (Ecological Tax)
  • Brussels Convention (1963)
  • Bureau of Reclamation publications
  • California Proposition 204 (Safe, Clean, Reliable, Water Supply Act)
  • Canada Environmental Assessment Act, regulations, and related material (in English and French)
  • Canada environmental statutes and publications from Environment Canada
  • Canada House of Commons Committee on Natural Resources documents (in English and French)
  • Canada Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources reports (in English and French)
  • Code of Federal Regulations, title 16, part 260 (Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims)
  • conservation statutes (1850-1920) compiled by the Library of Congress
  • Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage
  • Convention on Biological Diversity
  • Endangered Species Act of 1973
  • environmental laws and related material compiled by the Legal Information Institute (Cornell)
  • European environmental law
  • Expos?des Motifs of the Paris Convention on Third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear Energy
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection publications
  • Georgia Constitution article IV, sec. I (Public Service Commission)
  • Georgia Constitution article IV, sec. VI (Board of Natural Resources)
  • Gernatt Asphalt Products., Inc. v. Town of Sardinia (N.Y., 1996) (mining))
  • HelsinkI Rules on the Uses of the Waters of International Rivers
  • Hong Kong pollution control laws (summaries) compiled by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department
  • House Resources Committee hearings (105th Congress, 1997-1998)
  • House Resources Committee hearings (104th Congress, 1995-1996)
  • House Resources Committee hearings and compilations of acts (105th Congress)
  • House Resources Committee Rules (105th Congress)
  • Illinois Nuclear Safety Department statutes, regulations and related material
  • Indiana Code, title 8 (Utilities and Transportation)
  • Indiana Code, title 13 (Environment)
  • Joint Protocol Relating to the Application of the Vienna Convention and the Paris Convention (1988) (nuclear energy)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 115 (Energy Cabinet)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 304 (Tourism Development Cabinet Department of Parks)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 400 (Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 402 (Department for Natural Resources)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 405 (Department for Surface Maning Reclamation and Enforcement)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 410 (Regional Integrated Waste Treatement and Disposal Facility Siting Board)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 415 (Office of the Petroleum Storage Tank Environmental Assurance Fund)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 416 (Soil and Water Conservation Commission)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 805 (Public Protection and Regulation Cabinet Department of Mines & Minerals)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 807 (Public Protection and Regulation Cabinet Public Service Commission)
  • Koreau (Republic) Constitution, article 120 (Natural Resources)
  • Louisiana Administrative Code, title 33, part III (air quality)
  • Maine arborist regulations
  • Maine Department of Conservation regulations
  • Maine Department of Environmental Protection regulations
  • Maine Oil and Solid Fuel Board regulations
  • Maine Propane and Natural Gas Board regulations
  • Maine Public Utilities Commission regulations
  • Maine State Board of Certification of Geologists and Soil Scientists reglations
  • Maine State Board of Licensure for Professional Foresters regulatons
  • Maryland Environment Code
  • Maryland Natural Resources Code
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 21 (Department of Environmental Management)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 21A (Executive Office of Environmental Affairs)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 21B (Mining Regulation and Reclamation)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 21C (Massachusetts Hazardous Waste Management Act)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 21D (Massachusetts Hazardous Waste Facility Siting Act)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 21E (Massachusetts Oil and Hazardous Material Release Prevention and Response Act)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 21F (Coastal Facilities Improvement)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 21G (Massachusetts Water Management Act)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 21H (Solid Waste Facilities)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 21I (Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 21J (Underground Storage Tank Petroleum Product Cleanup Fund)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 21K (Mitigation of Hazardous Materials)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 25 (Department of Public Utilities)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 25A (Department of Energy Resources)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 29C (Water Pollution Abatement Reveloving Loan Program)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 40N (Model Water and Sewer Commission)
  • Meghrig v. KFC Western, Inc. (U.S., 1996) (reimbursement for pollution clean up)
  • Michigan Executive Order 1995-4 (National Reduction Assistance Service, Small Business Clean Air Assistance Program)
  • Michigan Executive Order 1995-7 (Waste Reducation Assistance Service, Small Business Clean Air Assistance Program, etc.)
  • Missouri Revised Statutes, title XVI (Conservation, Resources and Development)
  • Mongolia Minerals Law
  • Namibia Constitution, article 100 (Sovereign Ownership of Natural Resources)
  • National Environmental Policy Act (Pub. L. 91-190, as amended)
  • Nebraska v. Wyoming (U.S., 1995) (multi-state water resources agrement)
  • Netherlands Railway Noise Decree
  • New Jersey Code, title 13 (conservation and development--parks and reservations)
  • New Jersey Regulations Governing Magnetic Fields From Electric Power Transmission Lines (proposed)
  • New South Wales Land and Environment Court decisions
  • New York Energy Law
  • New York Environmental Conservation Law
  • New York Rural Electric Cooperative Law
  • New York Soil & Water Conservation Districts Law
  • New Zealand Minister of Forestry speeches
  • North American Free Trade Agreement, chapter 6 (Energy and Basic Petrochemicals)
  • North Carolina Executive Oder 85 (Escorts for Foreign Research Reactor Spent Nuclear Fuel)
  • North Carolina pesticide laws (summaries)
  • North Dakota Public Service Commission decisions, notices, and other documents
  • Nuclear Energy Agency publications
  • Ontario Aggregate and Petroleum Resources Statute Law Amendment Act, 1996 (Bill 52)
  • Ontario Environmental Approvals Improvement Act, 1996 (Bill 57)
  • Ontario Environmental Assessment and Consultation Improvement Act, 1996 (Bill 76)
  • Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights and other material (in English and French)
  • Ontario Environmental Protection Statute Law (Bill 24)
  • Ontario Government Process Simplification Act (Ministry of Environment and Energy), 1996 (Bill 66)
  • Ontario Importation of Waste Statute Law Amendment Act, 1996 (Bill 56)
  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Statute Law Amendment Act, 1996 (Bill 36)
  • Paris Convention on Third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear Energy
  • Pending Heritage Areas legislation
  • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection publications (including legislation and laws)
  • Pennsylvania Executive Order 1995-3 (Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority)
  • Pennsylvania Executive Order 1995-4 (Monitoring Supplies of Petroleum Products)
  • Pennsylvania Executive Order 1996-5 (Municipal Waste Facilities Review Program)
  • South Africa Energy Policy Discussion Document
  • South Africa Forest Policy Discussion Paper
  • South Carolina Code of Laws, title 48 (Environmental Protection and Conservation)
  • South Carolina Code of Laws, title 51 (Parks, Recreation and Tourism)
  • South Carolina Code of Laws, title 58 (Public Utilities, Services and Carriers)
  • South Carolina Health and Environmental Control Department administrative law judge decisions
  • South Carolina Natural Resources Department administrative law judge decisions
  • Texas Admin. Code, title 30 (Environmental Quality)
  • Texas Admin. Code, title 31 (Natural Resources and Conservation)
  • United Nations Environmental Programme
  • Washington Administrative Code, title 18 (Air Pollution)
  • Washington Revised Code, title 54 (Public Utility Districts)
  • American Bar Association Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law Section material
  • "Annotated Biography of Selected Environmental Law Resources of Interest to Practicing Attorneys" by Sally J. Kelley
  • "Briefing Book on International Organizations in Geneva: Arms Control & Disarmament" U.S. Information Service in Geneva
  • Council on Environmental Quality publications
  • Crude Oil Undervaluation: The Ineffective Response of the Minerals Management Service (H. Rept. 104-858) (1996)
  • "Doing Business in New Hampshire: Environmental Law" Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green
  • electric industry restructuring material compiled by Sustainable Minnesota
  • "Electricity Matters" newsletter (Office of the Maine Public Advocate)
  • "Employee Participation in Pollution Reducation: Preliminary Analysis of the Toxic Release Inventory" by J. Bunge, et al
  • Energy Department documents
  • "Environmental Bill of Rights -- Ontario Style" by D. Paul Emond
  • "Environmental Claims" by Lew Rose
  • Environmental Litigation Associates publications
  • Environmental Protection Agency publications
  • European Environmental Law Homepage
  • "Getting Your Environmental House in Order" by Cameron D. MacLennan (Alberta, Canada)
  • "Great Lakes Water Qaulity Initiative: National Standards Governing a Binational Resource" by Sean P. Gallagher
  • "Handbook on State Government: Department of Environmental Conservation" Alaska Legislative Affairs Agency
  • "Handbook on State Government: Department of Natural Resources" Alaska Legislative Affairs Agency
  • "industrial R & D and Regulatory Standards: The Case of Toxic Air Emissions in Manufacturing" by John Scott (abstract)
  • International Environmental Law and Agencies: The Next Generation Symposium (Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies)
  • Jenner & Block Environmental Law Department newsletter and other publications
  • "Journal of Environmental Law" (UK) abstracts
  • Law Journal Extra! energy and public utilities law material
  • Law Journal Extra! environmental law material
  • "Law, Politics and Economics of Amazonian Deforestation" by Emilio F. Moran
  • "MAPOL73/78 and Vessel Pollution" by Andrew Griffin
  • "Nuclear Law Bulletin" Index
  • Oceana Publications environmental law books (brief summaries)
  • Ohio Environmental Protection Agency publications
  • Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee publications
  • Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee publications
  • Senate Environment and Public Works Committee publications
  • "State of the Environment Norway" United Nations Environmental Programme
  • "Sulfur Dioxide Compliance of a Regulated Utility" by Don Fullerton, et al (abstract)
  • Washington Ecology Department publications
  • Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission publications
  • "Water in the West: Issues and Policies [bibliography]" Washington State Library
  • "Water issues between Turkey, Syria and Iraq" by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey
  • see also U.S. Federal laws (arranged by agency)
  • see also U.S. Federal laws (arranged by original published source)
  • The Internet Law Library was originally provided to the public courtesy of the United States House of Representatives Law Revision Counsel Office. Part of the Counsel's mission is to make the law (particularly the U.S. Code) available to the public. When the U.S. House of Representatives discontinued hosting the Library, our site and several others were allowed to carry it.
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