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  • Alaska Statutes, tItle 35 (Public Buildings, Works, and Improvements)
  • Albania Constitution, article 11 (Property)
  • Albania Constitution, article 12 (Property for Foreigners)
  • American Bar Association Public Contract Law material
  • Belarus Law of Ownership (December 11, 1990)
  • Belarus Law on Destatization & Privitization of State Property (January 19, 1993)
  • Degen v. U.S. (U.S., 1996) (Fugative Disentitelment Doctorine)
  • Eritrea Constitution, article 23 (Right to Property)
  • Hungary Act 39 of 1995 (Sale of State-Owned Entrepreneurial Assets) and related material (in English and Hungarian)
  • Indiana Code, title 32 (Property)
  • Korea (Republic) Constitution, article 23 (Property, Public Welfare, Expropriation)
  • Malta Constitution, section 37 (Property)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 30B (Uniform Procurement Act)
  • Namibia Constitution, article 16 (Property)
  • Nepal Constitution, article 17 (Right to Property)
  • New York Abandoned Property Law
  • New York Lien Law
  • New York Personal Property Law
  • Poland Ministry of Privitization publications (in English and Polish)
  • South Carolina Code of Laws, title 10 (Public Buildings and Property)
  • South Carolina Code of Laws, title 27 (Property and Conveyances)
  • South Carolina Code of Laws, title 28 (Eminent Domain)
  • Syria Constitution, articles 14 (Ownership) and 15 (Expropriation)
  • Tunisia Constitution, article 14 (Property)
  • U.S. v. Ursery (U.S., 1996) (civil forteiture proceeding & double jeapordy)
  • Zambia Privatisation Agency materials
  • "Ancient Law" by Henry Maine (Chapter 8: The Early History of Property) (1861)
  • "Economics of Legal Disputes Over the Ownership of Works of Art and Other Collectibles" by William Landes and Richard Posner
  • "Federal Barriers to State and Local Privatization" Joint Economic Committee
  • "Measured Step to Protect Private Property Rights" by David Powell, et al. (Florida State University Law Review)
  • "Origin of Property: Ockham, Grotius, Pufendorf, and Some Others" by John Kilcullen
  • "Transaction Costs and Property Rights, Or, Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors?" by Richard A. Epstein
  • see also Business, finance, economic, and consumer protection laws
  • see also Land use, zoning, and real property
  • see also U.S. Federal laws (arranged by original published source)
  • see also U.S. Federal laws (arranged by agency)
  • see also U.S. state and territorial laws
  • see also Laws of other nations
  • see also Treaties and international law
  • see also Law schools and law libraries
  • see also Attorney and legal profession directories
  • See also Law book reviews and publishers
  • About the Internet Law Library
  • The Internet Law Library was originally provided to the public courtesy of the United States House of Representatives Law Revision Counsel Office. Part of the Counsel's mission is to make the law (particularly the U.S. Code) available to the public. When the U.S. House of Representatives discontinued hosting the Library, our site and several others were allowed to carry it.
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