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Election, Qualification, Removal, and Lobbying of Public Officials


  • absentee ballot laws (summaries by state)
  • Alabama Constitution of 1875, articles VII (Impeachments)and VIII (Suffarage and Elections)
  • Alabama Constitution of 1875, article XV (Oath of Office)
  • Alabama Constitution of 1868, article VII (Elections)
  • Alabama Constitution of 1868, article XV (Oath of Office)
  • Alabama Constitution of 1865, article VIII (Elections by the People)
  • Alaska Statutes, title 15 (Elections)
  • Albania Constitution, article 25 (Election [of the President])
  • Albania Constitution, article 26 (Eligability, Incompatibility [of the President])
  • Albania Constitution, article 27 (Discharge [of the President])
  • Arkansas Constitution, article III (Franchise and Elections)
  • Arkansas Constitution, article XV (Impeachment and Address)
  • Austin (Texas) City Charter, article III (Elections)
  • Austin (Texas) City Charter, article IV (Initiative, Referendum and Recall)
  • Belarus Constitution, section III (Electoral System, Referendum)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Peace Agreement, annex 3 (Agreement on Elections)
  • Brief for Plaintiff, Federal Elections Commission v. GOPAC, Inc. (D,D.C., 1996) (local vs. national elections)
  • Bush v. Vera (U.S., 1996) (racially influenced district boundaries)
  • California Campaign Finance Reform Proposition
  • California Proposition 198 (Open Primary)
  • California Proposition 208 (campaign contributions and spending limits; lobbying; and initiative)
  • California Proposition 212 (Campaign contributions; gift and honoraria limits; lobbyists)
  • Canada Salaries Act (an act respecting the salaries of certain public officials)
  • Canada Special Joint Committee on a Code of Conduct documents (in English and French)
  • Central and South America election laws (compiled by Georgetown University) (in Spanish)
  • Clinton impeachment documents from the House Judiciary Committee
  • Delaware Constitution article V (Elections)
  • Delaware Constitution article XIV (Oath of Office)
  • Denmark Succession to the Throne Act
  • Eritrea Constitution, article 20 (Right to Vote and to be a Candidate to an Elective Office)
  • Eritrea Constitution, article 40 (Qualifications to be a Candidate to the Office of the President)
  • Eritrea Constitution, article 41 (Election and Term of Office of the President)
  • Eritrea Constitution, article 57 (Electoral Commission)
  • Ethics Manual for Members, Officers & Employees of the U.S. House of Representatives, ch. 8 (Campaign Funds & Practices)
  • Federal Election Commission v. NRA Political Victory Fund (U.S., 1994) (FEC litigation authority)
  • Finland Act on the High Court of Impeachment
  • Georgia Constitution article II (voting and elections)
  • Georgia Constitution article IV, sec. VII (Qualifications, ..., Removal from Office ...)
  • Georgia Constitution article V, sec. I (Election of Governor and Lieutenant Governor)
  • Greece Constitution, part III, section II, chapter I (Election of the President)
  • Greece Constitution, part III, section III, chapter I (Parliament: Election and Composition)
  • Indiana Code, title 3 (Elections)
  • Ireland Constitution, article 47 (Referendum)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 31 (State Board of Elections)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 32 (Department of State Registry of Election Finance)
  • Kentucky Constitution, sections 66 to 68 (Impeachments)
  • Kentucky Constitution, sections 145-155 (Suffrage and Elections)
  • Kentucky Revised Statutes, chapter 5 (Legislative Districts)
  • Korea (Republic) Constitution, article 24 (Right to Vote)
  • Korea (Republic) Constitution, article 41 (Election of the National Assembly)
  • Korea (Republic) Constitution, articles 63 (Recommendation for Removal), 64 ([Proceedings, Disciplinary Actions), and 65 (Impeachment)
  • Korea (Republic) Constitution, articles 67 (Election of the President) and 68 (Succession)
  • Korea (Republic) Constitution, chapter VII (Election Management)
  • Lopez v. Monterey County, California (U.S., 1996) (Voting Rights Act sec. 5 preclearance of local election law changes)
  • Lubbock (Texas) City Charter, chapter 1, article IV (Initiative; Referendum; Recall)
  • Maine Constitution, Article II (Electors)
  • Malta Constitution, chapter V (The President)
  • Malta Constitution, chapter VI, part I (Composition of Parliament)
  • Matthews v. United Kingdom (Eur. Ct. of Human Rights, 1999) (right of Gibraltar citizens to vote in European Parliament elections)
  • McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission (U.S., 1995) (campaign literature authorization)
  • Michigan Exeucitve Order 1995-1 (National Voter Reigstration Act)
  • Missouri Revised Statutes, title IX (Sufferage and Elections)
  • Morse v. Republican Party of Virginia (U.S., 1996) (selection of party nominees an act under law)
  • Namibia Constitution, article 28 (Election of the President)
  • Namibia Constitution, article 49 (Elections of the National Assembly)
  • Namibia Constitution, article 106 (Regional Council Elections)
  • Nepal Constitution, article 28 (Provision Relating to Succession to the Throne)
  • Nepal Constitution, part 15 (Election Commission)
  • New York Election Law
  • New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990, sec. 12 (electoral rights)
  • North Carolina Biennal Act (1715) (election of the Assembly)
  • Oman Constitution, article 6 (Succession)
  • Ontario Election Amendment Act, 1995 (Bill 2)
  • Ontario Election Amendment Act, 1996 (Bill 44)
  • Ontario Freezing of Compensation for Members of the Assembly Act, 1996 (Bill 32)
  • Ontario MPPs Pension and Compensation Reform Act, 1996 (Bill 42)
  • Opinion of the Justices (Tax Plan Referendum) (N.H., 1999) (statutory authority for referenda)
  • Philippines Constitution, article V (Suffrage)
  • Poland Act of May 28th, 1993, on Elections to the Sejm
  • Poland Act of May 10th, 1991, on Elections to the Senate
  • Poland Act of September 27th, 1990, on Elections to the Presidency
  • Poland Act of July 28th, 1990, on Political Parties
  • Procedure and Guidelines for Impeachment Trials in the United States Senate (S. Doc. 99-33)
  • redistricting decisions
  • Russia Information Guarantees in the Election Campaign Regulations (1993)
  • Shaw v. Hunt (U.S., 1996) (racially influenced district boundaries)
  • South Carolina Code of Laws, title 7 (Elections)
  • South Carolina election law
  • Stewart v. Secretary of State for Scotland (H.L., 1998) (removal from office due to inability)
  • Supreme Court election law decisions
  • Supreme Court impeachment decisions
  • Syria Constitution, article 54 (Voters [in legislative elections]) et seq.
  • Syria Constitution, article 84 (Election [of the President of the Republic]) et seq.
  • Syria Constitution, article 107 (Dissolution of Parliament)
  • Syria Constitution, article 142 (Dismissal of Supreme Constitutional Court Judges)
  • Tunisia Constitution, articles 19 (Election of National Parliament) et seq.
  • Tunisia Constitution, articles 39 (Election of the Presdient) and 40 (Eligibility)
  • Tunisia Constitution, articles 50 (Nomination of Government) and 51 (Dismissal of Government)
  • Tunisia Constitution, article 63 (Dissolution of Parliament)
  • Tunisia Constitution, article 66 (Nomination of Magistrates)
  • U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton (U.S., 1995) (term limits)
  • U.S. v. Hays (U.S., 1995) (standing to challenge election district boundaries)
  • Washington Revised Code, title 29 (Elections)
  • Wisconsin v. City of New York (U.S., 1996) (decenial census)
  • American Civil Liberties Union compilation of material on voting rights
  • Backgrounder on Impeachment (Legal Information Institute, Cornell Law School)
  • "Citizen Initiative in Florida" by P. K. Jameson and Marsha Hosack
  • Federal Election Commission publications
  • "Federal Impeachment Process: A Constitutional & Historical Analysis" by Michael Gerhardt (review of)
  • "Impeachment and Presidential Immunity from Judicial Process" by Joseph Isenbergh
  • Indiana Election Commission publications
  • New Zealand Electoral Commission publications
  • North Carolina Board of Elections publications
  • "Norwegian Electoral System" by Nytt fra Norge
  • see also U.S. Federal laws (arranged by original published source)
  • see also U.S. Federal laws (arranged by agency)
  • see also U.S. state and territorial laws
  • see also Laws of other nations
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  • About the Internet Law Library
  • "How a Dead Wrong OECD Tax Policy Causes Mass Unemployment: . . .Holland 1950-1995" by T. Cool (absract)
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