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  • Constitution Act, 1867
  • Constitution Acts of 1867, 1871, and 1982
  • Constitution Act, statutes, legislation, regulations, and other Justice Department publications (in English and French)
  • Constitutional Accord of 1987 (Meech Lake Accord)
  • statutes collection (compiled by William F. Maton)
  • Parliamentary debates, committee reports, and related material (in English and French)
  • aboriginal law (compiled by Deborah McIntosh)
  • aboriginal treaties and agreements
  • Agriculture and Agri-food Canada publications (In English and French)
  • British Columbia Bicycle Helmet Law
  • British Columbia Court of Appeal and Supreme Court decisions
  • Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency (CANCOPY)
  • Draft Allotment Plan for Terrestrial Digital Radio Broadcasting (Canada Department of Industry)
  • Environmental Assessment Act, regulations, and related material (in English and French)
  • environmental statutes and publications from Environment Canada
  • equality rights law material (compiled by Deborah McIntosh)
  • Firearms Act
  • Human Rights Commission publications (in English and French)
  • Immigration and Refugee Board publications
  • Jay Treaty (1794)
  • Memorandum of Agreement between the Maritime Provinces and the State of Louisiana
  • New Brunswick Government publications
  • obscenity law material (compiled by Deborah McIntosh)
  • obscenity law (commentary)
  • Ontario budget (in English and French)
  • Ontario environmental laws and freedom of information materials
  • Radio-television and Telecommuications Commission statutes and related material (in English and French)
  • R. v. Butler (Can., 1992), excerpts from
  • Royal Proclamation of Oct. 7, 1763 (3 Geo. 3)
  • Treaty of Paris (1763) (French and Indian Wars)
  • Treaty Seven (with various Indian nations of the Nort-West Territories)
  • Government department publications (compiled by the National Library of Canada) (in English and French)
  • collection of Canadian legal material compiled by Yahoo! Canada
  • Access to Justice Network of Canada - User Directory
  • "Access to the Historical Records of the Government of Canada" by National Archives of Canada
  • Atlantic Insurance Counsel: Legal Developments of Interest to the Insurance Industry (Canada)
  • Canadian Association of Law Libraries publications (in English and French)
  • Canadian Legal Information Centre
  • "Canadian Strike Replacement Legislation and Collective Bargaining: Lessons for the U.S." by John Budd (abstract)
  • Cdn-Firearms (Canadian Firearms) listserv archive
  • Constitution issue of "The Archivist" (November-December 1987)
  • Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia publications
  • family law material compiled by Lori Andreachuk and Robert Harvie
  • family law, wills, estates, powers of attorney, and real estate law articles by Lawrence S. Pascoe
  • firearms law material compiled by Ian Jefferson
  • firearms law material compiled by the New Bruswick Firearms Alliance Inc.
  • "Getting Your Environmental House in Order" by Cameron D. MacLennan (Alberta)
  • "Government Information in Canada" journal (in English and French)
  • "Great Lakes Water Qaulity Initiative: National Standards Governing a Binational Resource" by Sean P. Gallagher
  • "Guide to Corporate Reports" by Micromedia Limited
  • "How Canadians can save Taxes on Short Term Assignments in the U.S." by James M. Yager
  • "H[uman] R[esources] Tax Reimbursement Policies for Canada to U.S. Employee Relocations" by James M. Yager
  • "Immigration and the Crisis in Federalism: A Comparison of the United States and Canada" by Kevin Tessier
  • Indian treaties edition of "The Archivist" (November-December 1989)
  • Inter.Canada: The Constitutional issues material compiled by Inter.Canada
  • Internet Legal Resource Guide compilation of legal materials
  • McCarthy T?rault publictions
  • "NAFTA Information" by the U.S. Customs Service
  • National Crime Prevention Council publications (in English and French)
  • National Forum Report: Re-Integration of the Ex-Offender in First Nations Communities (1994)
  • "North American Integration Regime and Its Implications for the World Trading System" by Frederick M. Abbott
  • Northwest Territories Government publications
  • Oceana Publications NAFTA books (summaries)
  • "Offshore Immigrant Trusts" Stewart McKelvey Stirling Scales
  • Solicitor General Department publications (in English and French)
  • telecommunication law materials compiled by Timothy Denton
  • "U.S. Immigration for Canadian Businesses and Professionals" by Joseph C. Grasmick
  • University of British Columbia Press law book summaries
  • "Young People and Sex" by Forum 128
  • see also Treaties and international law
  • see also Laws of all jurisdictions (arranged by subject)
  • see also Law schools and law libraries
  • see also Attorney and legal profession directories
  • See also Law book reviews and publishers
  • About the Internet Law Library
  • North Carolina Board of Elections publications
  • The Internet Law Library was originally provided to the public courtesy of the United States House of Representatives Law Revision Counsel Office. Part of the Counsel's mission is to make the law (particularly the U.S. Code) available to the public. When the U.S. House of Representatives discontinued hosting the Library, our site and several others were allowed to carry it.
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