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Clients often come to the Intellectulaw because they want to apply for a patent or to register a trademark. When they meet with us, however, they realize that what they really want is to protect and increase their income through the proper use of their intellectual property. Patents, copyright, and trademarks are tools that can be used to accomplish larger goals. At Intellectulaw, we will help you to determine which tool is right for your purpose and if there are additional tools to help you maximize your business potential. What makes us different? In a word… passion. At Intellectulaw, we are passionate about the representation we provide our clients. We know that patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets represent a significant commitment of time, energy, and dedication. We understand the pride and sense of accomplishment that comes from the development of a useful or creative item. That’s why we take the time to meet individually with every client before we formulate an intellectual property strategy. We can handle all your intellectual property needs, including trademark research, copyright filing, patent prosecution, and litigation to protect or challenge IP rights. We help individual inventors and companies of all sizes to develop a comprehensive understanding of the value and uses of their intellectual property from both a technical perspective in the law and an economic perspective in the real world.
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